Exceptional Wines for your

Virtual Wine Tasting

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Our expert Sommeliers source quality wines that are delivered directly to your guests.

Whether guests are all in the same city or spread throughout the globe, our team makes sure that amazing wines are delivered in good condition to your attendees' doorstep.

If you're reading this you've probably been down the rabbit hole of trying to find wine across different markets, so you already know that it's really complicated!

Because wine is one of those pesky intoxicants, it is a highly controlled substance that you can't just ship willy-nilly around the globe. That's why we work with suppliers in the recipient's local market to ensure smooth delivery.

When you book with us, we'll invite you to pick an option from our wine list and offer your own preferences, then our expert Sommeliers take it from there. All we need from you is addresses!

Outstanding Wines

We only send your guests wine that we would want to drink ourselves. Wines are chosen based on quality, value, and typicity. We highlight old and new classics from around the world.

Sustainable Shopping

We take a holistic approach to wine and prefer to support small, independent wineries that respect the environment and make great wines.

Wine Sourcing

We buy wine in the guest's local market from wine retail specialists. This makes the logistics much simpler, avoiding customs and logistical issues. Full disclosure: there are a few markets that do not allow wine deliveries. We will work with you to figure out solutions.

Smooth Delivery

By working with dedicated wine retailers we reduce the lead time on deliveries and make sure that everything arrives in one piece!


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